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As I mentioned in my bio, I became an actor to entertain and to make people think and feel. This remains the primary goal of Extravaganza.

Through film, television, theater and music we want to entertain you first and foremost and hopefully engage you emotionally, intellectually and viscerally along the way. This has been the way I have approached my acting career and it is the way I will run this company.

Some of what we do will be light, disposable fluff that you can consume and discard in minutes. Most of what we do will be built to last.

I intend to create content that will stand the test of time. I want people to be able to look at one of my films, or listen to one of my songs 20 years from now and love it like it just came out the day before!

In short, quality is timeless.


EXTRAVAGANZA - An Entertainment Company
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