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Jake & Ellwood

After high school, I attended Boston University's College of Fine Arts from 1981 to 1985 where I earned a BFA degree.
I loved BU and am still actively involved with the CFA, which offers a world-class conservatory education in fine arts. I highly recommend the program for any aspiring actor who intends to pursue the craft of acting professionally.

After school, I decided to move to New York City first, figuring I would work my way up through the ranks in the theater and eventually wind up fulfilling my ultimate goal of working in film and television. Well, it sounded good on paper but the reality at the time in NYC circa 1985 was that Broadway was hurting and all but inaccessible to the tens of thousands of aspiring young actors and actresses living there at the time. So I did what most actors do to pay the rent…I waited tables, tended bar and did original theater at every off-off-off-Broadway house I could get involved with!

Then I got lucky…sort of. I landed the role of one of my childhood idols, John Belushi in the ill-fated film Wired.
This would send my career on an utterly different
trajectory than I had ever imagined. Since this is just a
After doing a pilot called Maverick Square for ABC, I signed on to my first series lead as Tony Scali, AKA The Commish.
In a year's time, I went from an obscure young working actor, to a network television star, husband and father. It was quite a year to say the least. But the life of most actors, even the most successful among us, is an emotional rollercoaster ride. When The Commish rather abruptly ended its run, I spent the next several years struggling to overcome typecasting and fighting to just get in doors.
bio and not a book, suffice to say, the beginning was also very nearly the end of my young career. Happily, I survived Wired and was able to find work in television initially through the kindness of one, Burt Reynolds. From there, I ended up doing a stint in the guest star circuit, appearing in a number of the most popular series of that time – Seinfeld, Murphy Brown, Wise Guy, LA Law, etc...
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